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    Submit Your Script!

    PLEASE NOTE: We are closing this request as we believe we have found a suitable screenplay. Should this change, we will update via Twitter. Please follow us to be kept informed.

    Mutant Robot has recently secured £250K to shoot a low-budget feature film. Now all we need is a great screenplay!

    We need an intelligent commercial screenplay featuring a great mid-to-late-30's female lead. Preferred genres are horror, suspense or thriller or any combination of the three. Examples include Dark Water, Panic Room, Rosemary's Baby and Les Diaboliques.

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    The Renovators

    Danger! Men With Powertools!

    When a gang of dodgy builders are dumped on a small storm-battered island to renovate a derelict hotel, an Evil that lurks in the shadows of the building infiltrates the renovators’ sleep and pollutes their dreams with nightmares, setting them against one another as they arm themselves with the most lethal power tools, and turn on each other with deadly intention!

    The Renovators is a horror with great comic moments that is easily described as 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' meets 'The Shining'.


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    CybEraser Novel Published!

    Before The Matrix, there was CybEraser. CybEraser predated The Matrix as a story about Earth being a virtual reality. Set in a dystopian future, it tells the story of how two characters - an embittered cop and a beautiful female scientist - discover that Earth is not real and that a devastating conseqence awaits the human race.

    The screenplay upon which the novel is based has been described as "...better than BLADE RUNNER. It has real vision and TRUE STAKES, both on an immediate, personal level (as does BLADE RUNNER), and on a larger, macro-level (as BLADE RUNNER never managed)." Also, "It does things with technology which I never even conceived of making [other sci-fi] scripts fade in comparison."

    Buy it on Amazon by clicking here.

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    Not All Good Things Come In Small Packages...

    All Kate wanted was to be a mother… a dream that ends in tragedy when a horrific car crash results in the death of her unborn child. Traumatised by her loss, Kate moves with her husband to a remote valley once believed the birthplace of all life. When she finds a feral four-year-old girl, she determines to keep her, but Kate’s beloved new child hides a terrible secret.

    'Unborn' is an atmospheric and unsettling horror story about the consequences of a young woman choosing to keep an abandoned child, whose unexplainable presence may be linked to bizarre happenings in the increasingly sinister valley – a place that may not be as ‘barren’ as it first appeared...

  • the-town


    “The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization."

    Deadcold' is one of two TV series in development at Mutant Robot.

    Described as 'The Day After Tomorrow' meets the BBC 80's classic 'The Survivors', it tells the story of a rag-tag community of survivors after efforts to curb Global Warming go disastrously wrong and Earth experiences a frozen holocaust.

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